Welcome to Armageddon-it's a Bones, Castle, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries AU crossover site. With their reputations at stake would Seeley Booth and Kate Beckett be able to catch the person/supernatural being behind the crimes with the help of Cas, Dean and Sam or will the supernatural beings win. Join us to know the fate of these people.
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welcome to armageddon.
What happens when friends start turning into enemies? What happens when teams starts breaking?

Everything could be and should be considered normal. Well, not really. Most average people don’t chase murderers and criminals. But this is more or less, a day in the life of FBI agents and Detectives. So this is where it all begins. A case has led the best of the NYPD, Detective Kate Beckett, and her consultant, Richard Castle (the famous author), to the nation’s capital. As the duo begins to dig into the case, things only get more complicated, to the point where the FBI’s best is called in, Special Agent Seeley Booth and his partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan. Things start our simple enough, with Richard and Temperance realizing they have met before and growing feelings for each other, but become harder as the case gets more intense, lives are in danger. And emotions begin to change. The teams seem to be drifting apart from all the intermingling, and new relationships start to be formed. But what happens when, Kate Beckett and Richard Castle return to New York? And Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan are again a duo (with her team of squints)? Nothing good. Rumors begin to be spread, as Richard visits D.C. more and more, leaving Kate to deal with murders alone. While Seeley, now has to deal with him on top of everything else. Things get harder and harder to deal with. And no one is really sure how they can possibly stop it, or who even started the rumors. Once all four are reunited to answer this question of who did it to try and ruin their careers, a question remains, can the teams ever return to the way they are? Or are their friendships ruined? Or is something more developing between them? Who is behind all this? Are they human or not? Well that’s when Cas calls Dean and Sam asking them to come to D.C to help the two pairs. Will they be able to succeed or will they fail?

It takes years to form a friendship but it takes less than a second to destroy it.

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